What is a home church?

We are a community of believer who meet on Sundays at 10:30am in homes or similar places across our area.  Through our home churches we all contribute to discussion of the Word we have read during the week, have the opportunity to develop genuine relationships with one another, devote time to praying together, recognize & encourage each other’s spiritual gifts, and see true discipleship happen.  We have found that home is where life, discipleship & mission take place best.

Why home church?

The church is not a place, a name, a building, or a program. The church is people. As the early church started, Jesus’ disciples met intentionally from home to home, reading Scripture, breaking bread, praying together, growing in faith and celebrating life in Jesus. We are committing ourselves to the same thing. For us, it’s all about everyday, ordinary people committed to live out Kingdom  life together, in living rooms, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and wherever people can gather.

What makes a home church different from a traditional church?  

Through home church we have the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the discussion of the Word.  Our pastors begin & lead the discussion but encourage everyone to participate and ask questions. This leads to deeper understanding, accountability and healthy discipleship, as well as guards against heresy.

Home church also creates an atmosphere for developing genuine relationships with one another.  As we talk, share and prayer together openly, relationships can develop and deepen. The home allows for more time to pray together and to recognize & encourage each other’s spiritual gifts.

What exactly happens in a home church?

Typically we worship together, discuss the Word together, pray together and hang out.  

Do all home churches study the same thing?

Yes. We read from chapter to chapter through the Word.  The chapter or chapters for the coming week are shared at each church, as well as on social media sites and our website

How many people are at a home church?

Ideally 15-20 adults, plus their children

Is everyone at a home church around the same age?

No.  We have so much to learn from each other and from each generation.  It is good to have people in your life who challenge you, help you see other perspectives, give you wise advice, keep you young and help you grow.  

How long does home church last?

        We start at 10:30am and typically end around 12:00pm


  It is up to each church to decide.  

For children 0-4 years old, most offer some type of care.  Possibilities include a parent rotation, a responsible teen, or a trusted individual that the church compensates.  

For school age children, we encourage their inclusion & participation in everything.  We believe that children have a lot to contribute, after all Jesus did say that that unless we are like children, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, and that whoever humbles themself like a child is the greatest.  God values children and their role in His kingdom, and so do we. The faith and simplicity of their worship, sharing and prayers during is powerful! Many homes provide activity sheets that compliment the discussion and also a room close by for kids, if needed.  

Can I just show up?

If you want to come to a CityHope home church please complete the simple form below and we will contact you.  Just so you understand why we do it this way: coming to a home church for the first time can be a little awkward because relationships take time to grow.  We want to do our best to connect you with at least one person in the church before you go. That way you can have more details about what to expect and know at least one person there.

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What if I am curious but not quite ready for a home church yet?

If you are curious about CityHope, have questions or would just like to meet us,  come to our next Open Table. These causal dinners are the best way to get to know our story, hear our hearts and ask questions.  They’re scheduled once a month (February - November) at a local Spring Hill restaurant, and the meal is on us.  

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