Home Church

The church is not a place, a name, a building, or a program. The church is people. As the early church was forming, Jesus’ disciples met intentionally from home to home, studying Scripture, breaking bread, praying together, growing in faith and celebrating life in Jesus. We are committed to the same.  For us, it’s all about people committed to living out our faith together, in living rooms, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and wherever people can gather.

    • We are devoted to the Word daily

The greatest command is love God with all our heart, soul, mind & strength.  The best way to love Him is to know Him, and the best way to know Him is through His Word.  We study through His Word on our own each week using a set plan. Then when we meet on Sunday everyone can contribute to the study & discussion of the Word.  This builds a culture of personal hunger for & devotion to the Word, and also becomes a guard against heresy.

    • We meet together weekly

We meet on Sundays at 10:30am in homes or similar places across our area.  Through our home churches we all contribute to discussion of the Word we have read during the week, have  the opportunity to develop genuine relationships with one another, devote time to praying together, recognize & encourage each other’s spiritual gifts, and see true discipleship happen.

Because home church is a mix of all ages, a diverse group of people and meeting in neighborhoods, the opportunities for ministry in the community develop organically and are exciting for everyone.

The final reason we meet in homes is for the financial implications.  We want the bulk of our financial resources to be used for local & global missions verses for a large building budget.  

    • We disciple  

All Christ-followers are called to make disciples, accepting responsibility for the spiritual care of each other.  This takes intentional & intimate involvement; getting to know each other, having hard conversations when sin is evident, working through conflict & spending extra time together when life is hard.  

Discipleship also happens when we are having fun together.  To create room for this aspect of discipleship we have cityGROUPS that meet once quarter for fun hangouts. Click here for more information (planning center link)

In CityHope our pastors are not responsible for discipling everyone, but rather they disciple a few, who in turn disciple a few, who in turn disciple a few, and so on. This is genuine discipleship and is fulfilling for everyone.  

    • We recognize & develop purpose

Each person on this planet has a purpose, and each one is needed & important (1 Corinthians 12:7). We create space for everyone to contribute when we are together and in their everyday life.   

    • We gather monthly for HopeSND

On the last Sunday night of every month we come together in a central location for corporate worship, communion, baptism, prayer and sharing. The only agenda we come with is worshipping God and being led by Holy Spirit for ministering to each other.  Communion, baptism, prayer & sharing unfold as the Spirit leads. Each person is encouraged to use their gifts to build up & bless others.

(January Location:  4615 Thompsons Ridge Rd, Thompsons Station, TN)

    • We multiply

The true fruit of an apple tree isn’t apples, but rather more apple trees. The true fruit of a strong leader is not followers, but more strong leaders.  The true fruit of a healthy church is not more attendants, but more healthy churches. God has designed the world to be one that reproduces and multiplies. This is the reason we have smaller house churches.

We multiply to preserve the healthy number of 15-20 people in a church, and to prioritize God’s heart over our own comfort or Americanized ideas of success.  

    • The Main Thing

Jesus is the Main Thing!  Our goal is that He & His mission are our focus.  We don’t have an impressive building, no paid staff, no attractive programs.  The main thing you are going to get at CityHope is Jesus and belonging to a community of believers He has formed.  Jesus will build His church.